Workshop with Danish Agency for Digital Government together with Ballerup library’s IT volunteers.

CAPE Denmark collaborating with Danish Agency for Digital Government. 🇩🇰

We are happy to say that a new update of the MitID app launches today. The update is aimed to reduce fraud and make it easier to use MitID on the mobile. CAPE team was part of a testing process, where we facilitated collaboration between the MitID’s development team and IT-volunteers.

In April we met for a workshop to test the update of the MitID app together with a group of IT volunteers at Ballerup library. Julie Rasmussen and David Qvistfrom MitID and NemID facilitated a workshop together with researchers from CAPE and Jakob Bach Jeppesen Nyborg from Ballerup Library. During the meeting the participants had the opportunity to test the new update and give their feedback on the solution.

Thank you to the Danish Agency for Digital Government for our cooperation! We are proud to be part of the process and we are looking forward for the next steps. 

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