New publication about CAPE Policy Brief article

CAPE publication update! 🇩🇰

Today we share a link to an article published at IT-Universitetet i København homepage about CAPE Policy Brief article accepted for the Fast Track Vision 2023. The article is called “Three ITU projects selected for NordForsk policy brief collection on how we reach the sustainability targets”, and outlines CAPE as one of 3 projects selected at ITU.

Here is a short paragraph from the publication:

“Rapid digitalisation in public services in the Nordic countries inevitably excludes citizens who have limited digital skills. The CAPE project addresses these issues by collaborating closely with public libraries, helping them to take on more active roles in today’s rapid digitalisation processes. In the policy brief, the four authors recommend supporting this role and further expanding it by creating an institutional model for civic engagement in the public libraries bridging citizen needs and public service development”.

You can read the whole article in English: or in Danish language:

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