Project site Denmark: Ballerup Library 

In Denmark, the main focus of our activities are focused in our project partner, Ballerup Library in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

The Ballerup Library was opened in 1982 in a building designed by architect Hans Dall. It is positioned in the center of Ballerup and has more than 8.000 visitors per week. There are several facilities apart from traditional library offerings, including café, IT helpdesk and a makerspace. Ballerup Library hosts over 500 public events per year.  

In 200X the Ballerup municipality has given a new building, an old post office, to the library, with a task to create a new space for citizens. It was planned to be open in 2020, however the global Pandemic and lockdowns, has postponed the opening day.  Officially, the new Posthuset, as it’s called in Danish, was opened in September 2021 as a space for everyone in Ballerup. 

A CAPE workshop between Agency for Digital Government and IT volunteers in the Ballerup Library.