Project site Denmark: Ballerup Library

At the Denmark project site, the first CIC is set up at the public library in Ballerup, a municipality bordering to Copenhagen. The Ballerup Library opened in 1982 in a building designed by architect Hans Dall. It is positioned in the centre of Ballerup, and has more than  8.000 visitors per week. There are several facilities apart from tradition library offerings, including café, IT helpdesk and a vibrant maker-space. Ballerup Library has over 500 public events per year.

Project team: Ballerup Library

Michael Anker
Digital Manager

Thomas Sture Rasmussen
Innovation- and strategy-developer

Project team: IT University of Copenhagen

The Co-Design research group, forming the CAPE team at the IT University of Copenhagen, is a recognized research environment in the area of Co-Design and Participatory Design. Its  members originate from research environments pioneering Scandinavian Participatory Design and Co-Design, and each have 15+ years experience in conducting, researching and teaching Co-Design and Participatory Design in Scandinavia, Europe and beyond.

Jörn Christiansson
Associate Professor
Team leader
Principal investigator for the CAPE project

Camilla Christensen

Erik Grönvall
Associate Professor

Joanna Saad-Sulonen
Associate Professor

In the CAPE project, the ITU team is responsible for overall project management, and will lead the research effort in method development in co-design. The team will also support capacity-building in co-design facilitation for the library-employed CIC facilitators at CICs across the project countries, and lead co-facilitation of service innovation projects together with CIC facilitators at the Danish CIC.

Project team: Aalborg University Copenhagen

The Service Design Lab is an active research lab based in Aalborg University in Copenhagen dedicated to studying and applying service design. In the last decade, the Service Design Lab at Aalborg University has been involved in several EU- funded projects that explored the relation between urban space and public services. Key themes of interest are for example digital social innovation, co-creation, open data, smart cities and service design for public sector.

Nicola Morelli
Team leader

Amalia de Götzen
Associate Professor

Justyna Starostka
Postdoc researhcer

In the CAPE project, the Service Design Lab will contribute with its acquired knowledge on citizen participation in innovation processes, co-design and participatory design to create an impact on the way next generation of public services are conceived. The project will offer the lab an opportunity to strengthen and expand the research about the use of data in the design process within the area of digitalisation of the public sector.