Project site Sweden: Malmö City Library

At the Malmö project site, it is not yet decided where the first CIC will be hosted. Several public libraries will be involved, among them Gararget. Garaget is located in the Malmö City centre and have many activities including a maker space. The Malmö project site also works together with the city’s Strategical group for library transformation. 

Further, the municipality’s internal department for development of public e-services, the Malmö Civic Lab, is engaged in project activities as to explore also the actual uptake of developed services.

Project team: Malmö City Library

Nanna Ekman Lindström

Project team: Malmö University

The team at Malmö University consists of two associate professors and a post-doctoral researcher, all part of Malmö University’s Data Society Research Program. This program focuses on the understanding of the digitalization and datafication of society, and on driving positive change through technological development. Professors Linde and Boztepe are heading the theme Digital Civics concerned with research-based activities of designing, developing and evaluating personal and community-based technologies and services to support new forms of civic engagement.

Per Linde
Associate Professor
Team leader

Suzan Boztepe
Associate Professor

Maria Foverskov
Post doc.

The Malmö University team’s primary responsibility includes research activities in Sweden and coordinating with local partners, particularly the Malmö library. The Malmö University team will contribute to the overall project primarily by:

  • Co-ordinating WP 1 in the project and assuring high quality of work tasks and deliverables,
  • Perform a desktop research study on contemporary best practices in participatory public service development,
  • Co-ordinate, and locally perform, field studies of the pilot countries’ current and emergent citizen interaction initiatives,
  • Co-ordinate, and locally perform, field studies of public administration practice and perception of citizen involvement of public services in the pilot countries,
  • Take part and support local co-design activities of design, testing and evaluation of public services and CICs, • Take part in the project’s dissemination activities.