The Project

Part of the CAPE project team, AAU, Denmark, May 2023
The aim of the CAPE research project is to investigate how to increase user involvement in the development of public e-services. 
We will explore a new approach to public e-service design with Civic Innovation Centres (CICs); a novel innovation facility, where citizens engage in co-design of improvements to existing public e-services and co-design of new service innovations. 
The CICs will be hosted in public libraries, as an integrated part of their existing facilities for public engagement, in order to tap into the immense resource of active library visitors. By analysing and documenting innovation activities in the CICs, we will describe the innovation processes and develop best practices and solutions.
The CAPE project is financed by Nordforsk – an organisation under the Nordic Council – and includes partners and projects in Sweden and Finland. 

Project members:

• IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark) 
• Aalborg University Copenhagen (Denmark) 
• Ballerup Library (Denmark) 
• Malmö University (Sweden) 
• Malmö City Library (Sweden) 
• Aalto University (Finland) 
• Helsinki City Library (Finland) 
Read more about the project partners here